Paychecks for Playmakers? Essay

Paychecks for Playmakers? Essay

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The crowd at the University of Phoenix stadium grew antsy as Cam Newton took the snap from shot gun and handed the ball off to University of Auburn running back Michael Dyer. Dyer tucked the hand off into his right hand, shuffled right to avoid his blocking lineman, and lunged past a University of Oregon defender just as he was being wrapped up by another Oregon linebacker. The linebacker spun Dyer in an attempt to wrestle him to the ground but somehow, in a feat of extreme effort, balance, and body control, Dyer went from being parallel to and almost touching the ground for a mere four yard gain to regaining his feet and continuing his run for a total gain of thirty seven yards. (CHICAGOSUPERFAN). Such a display is rare and extremely difficult for even the best professional football running backs, yet alone a college player. This single performance put Auburn into position as they would go on to kick the game winning field goal to win the BCS national championship and a plentiful share of all the ticket sales, advertisements revenue, and sponsorship dollars that come with it. (Martin). Players like Dyer, do exactly what the pros do and all for the sake their team winning these things but there is one big difference however. The pros get paid a share of that income, Dyer doesn’t.

Nowadays, upper echelon college athletic programs can have budgets in the same ball park as big businesses and some of the world’s richest companies. (Nichols) At many schools, athletics is the second most generous revenue producer outside of student tuition. People pay their hard earned money to go watch these players - just like they do for professional games. People also pay money to sponsor the teams that these players are on - just as in the pros....

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