Pay For Performance : The Health Care Industry Essay

Pay For Performance : The Health Care Industry Essay

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The health care industry is faced by many obstacles, many of them involve costs. With this comes the idea of cutting cost, eliminating waste, and improving quality of medical care. With that, arise the challenges of finding a medium. This can become a very difficult task. By paying for performance, health care organizations and medical providers can improve the quality of care they deliver. Such idea was created to help those patients that are capable of paying more for medical attention. Such notion encourages quality of medical care. On the other hand, some individuals might question this action, and may called it unfair. Unfair for those who cannot afford the extra care or extra quality of medical attention. Such individuals believe that everyone must receive the same care. Over all, medical services must improve, that is with no question. The question for this particular concept is whether increasing costs will generate quality, and how will this help the overall health of the community. Above all, one must make their own decisions when dealing with health care delivery. If one feels that paying more for medical care is the key to a healthy life, than that is just the way it will be. Many will argue that paying more performance should not be the case, and that health care organizations must always perform at a high level. In addition, one must analyze if paying for performance will increase the idea of adopting electronic medical records. More importantly is the subject of why is this idea in action, and who will it benefit. Also, does the idea of paying for performance encourage the use of electronic medical records? If so, what are the challenges behind these concepts?
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...ill improve patient flow, reduce waste, eliminate medical errors and support the idea of helping the patients. Electronic medical records help prevent unnecessary orders and diagnostic tests, reduce medical errors and improve patient care (Long Beach Memorial, 2010). The benefits for smaller practices, compared to larger settings are the same, these involved to help the patient and to improve the quality of care they deliver.
The idea of implementing any tools to a health care facility must be to improve patient care. Paying for performance could play a very special part in certain cases. This of course depends on personal views. However, one section that is very crucial for proper medical care, by any size of facility is to do everything possible to control costs, and eliminate medical errors. By doing so, everybody involved will achieve their goals.

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