Paved Surfaces Of The Construction Of Cities Essay

Paved Surfaces Of The Construction Of Cities Essay

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The introduction of paved surfaces to the infrastructure of cities was an impressive development in history. Concrete paved roads are formed by first placing a layer of fine subgrade, then filling granular concrete overtop that. Compared to the dirt roads of past, paved surfaces have greatly increased strength. This increase in strength not only allows paved surfaces to last longer as roadways than unpaved surfaces, but also provide a safer means of travel for cars. With unpaved roadways, there is a greater chance for pothole or uneven roadway, which could provide massive issues for vehicles and could lead to accidents or wrecks. Also unpaved roads are generally made out of loose gravel or dirt, which could lead to rocks or dirt being kicked up by vehicles navigating the roadway, which again is a danger for drivers. A safer and quicker means of travel was necessary, and thus came the introduction of concrete paved roads. Among the two main types of paved surfaces, concrete is much more durable than asphalt, with concrete typically lasting 40 years compared to asphalt’s ten (Mulligan 1). Although a major upgrade over unpaved surfaces, concrete paved surfaces also have some drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks has to do with paved surfaces contributing to flooding and standing water contamination. Recently though, new developments in the study of this issue has led to the creation and implementation of porous (or pervious) concrete. Porous concrete is made out of the same material as regular concrete, but is structured differently. The Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) Research & Education Foundation defines porous concrete as, “a concrete with a high percentage of interconnected voids that, when functioning correctly, permi...

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...r natural disasters from being isolated by flooding. The rebuilding can also start sooner and be much less extensive due to there being less water damage. South Carolina is experiencing this now, the rain has stopped, but there is still massive flooding and new problems that are arising from this. These problems include flooding, billions in damages, and 400,000 people under a boil water advisory. There have also been around a dozen dams that have failed, around 20 people that have been killed, 175 water rescues, and 800 people being housed in shelters. There are also 70 miles of Interstate 95 that are closed, impeding the rescuers (Yan). The implementation of porous concrete systems can reduce and even stop many of these issues. Reducing standing water and flooding will not only benefit the safety of the community, but it will also reduce the contamination of water.

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