Essay about Paul 's Contributions Of Christianity

Essay about Paul 's Contributions Of Christianity

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Paul’s Contributions to Christianity
Unequivocally, Paul wrote half of the Books in the New Testament, no one except the Lord, Jesus Christ had more profound influence of his world and ours. With God’s calling, Paul the persecutor of Christian Jews will open his heart to Gentiles. The book of Acts and his epistles reveal that Paul possessed many outstanding characteristics of Christian leadership, and invites others to take lead as well. Paul played a pivotal role in expanding Christianity beyond its border of the Palestinian region, and instituted the equality of Christian religion by writing and advocating the gospel of free grace, in which everyone receives eternal life the moment one believes in Jesus Christ as one’s personal Savior.
Essentially, there is no doubt that Paul’s leadership characteristics prove to be a prime example, and much learned paradigms for Christian leaders today. “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved “(Acts 4:12). With God’s calling, Paul the persecutor of Christian Jews opens his heart to Gentile’s who have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved, through the Holy Spirit. Christ is the provision that God has made for all who receive the abundance of grace, the gift of righteousness.
Therefore, the story of Cornelius ( an Italian Regiment of the Roman Military who live in Caesarea), the Gentile Centurion could lead some to trust that a man can be saved today apart from grasping the gospel, although by fearing God, and doing all the virtuous actions he is capable of, salvation is possible. His story in Acts 10 is important because it was in Cornelius’s household that God publicly opened the doors of the church to the Gent...

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...Jesus, God had extended salvation to the Gentiles.
Markedly, Cornelius was as devout as they come, and he worshiped the one true God. The story of Cornelius not only shows the necessity of the gospel but it indicates that God will move heaven and earth to bring the gospel to those who are ready to receive it. Paul’s important contributions to Christian theology: One is justification (cleansed from sin) by faith alone, the concept that humans are saved from sin by believing in Jesus. Jewish tradition focused on ceremonious rituals, and living according to Jewish law. Two, Paul created a theological, fundamental foundation for Christianity, furthermore recognizing Jesus ' death and resurrection as generating a key change in the human race’s relationship with God--an affiliation in which faith, and receiving the gospel rather than behavior, was the central premise.

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