The Patriot Act : Domestic Security Against Terrorism Essay

The Patriot Act : Domestic Security Against Terrorism Essay

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 There are many ways our country and the rest of the world is repelling terrorism. First, the United States and the Bush Administration created the Patriot Act; it involves the improvement of domestic security. It also contains beefing up surveillance measures throughout the country and added more laws to counteract money laundering. The Patriot Act also contains fortification of our border security. Also, the Patriot Act eliminates obstructions to investigate terrorism. The Patriot Act also boosted information sharing for critical infrastructure protection and also the classification of terrorism and how to contend with terrorism was enhanced by the Patriot Act. Intelligence was also enhanced from the Patriot Act. Miscellaneous laws were also incorporated in the Patriot Act to assist in combatting terrorism (Public Law 107–56 Oct., 2001).
Title 1 Beneath the Patriot Act is boosting domestic security against terrorism. Title I allows methods to improve the ability of domestic security services to combat terrorism. The title founded a trust fund for counter-terrorist events and boosted aid for the Terrorist Screening Center, which is managed by the FBI. The military was authorized to provide backing in some conditions that contain weapons of mass destruction when directed by the A.G. The National Electronic Crime Task Force was boosted with the President 's authority and capabilities in the case of terrorism. The title also removed the prejudice against Arab and Muslim Americans that occurred after the September 11 terrorist attacks (Public Law 107–56 Oct., 2001).
Title 2 contains beefing up surveillance practices; this includes all parts of the surveillance of alleged terrorists, those suspected of practicing in computer fraud ...

... middle of paper ... (Guiora, A., 2008).
Do State Sponsored Terrorism different from the other forms of terrorism? I don’t think state sponsored terrorism is much different from other forms of terrorism. Each type of terrorist group has a different agenda or different enemy. Some terrorist groups have political parties backing their efforts. Some have countries backing them financially, and people or a group of people financing their agenda. Terrorist are the same, they are all out to do anything necessary to make their specific goal and they will do anything move their cause. The only group that is tricky to figure out exactly what their goals are hybrid terrorist groups “ISIS”. The only way to stop this new terrorist network is to figure out their recruiting technique and stop it in anyway we can as a world population. Not one country can combat terrorism it is a group effort.

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