Patriarchal Structure of An Active Male Gaze Essay

Patriarchal Structure of An Active Male Gaze Essay

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In the early 1990s Laura Mulvey’s thesis concerning the patriarchal structure of an active male gaze has influenced feminist film critiques and Hollywood. Mulvey’s project is to use psychoanalysis to uncover the power of patriarchy in Hollywood cinema. Patriarchal influence upon cinema is found primarily in pleasure (pleasure in looking) or as Freud’s has put it, scopophilia. Mulvey suggests that it may be possible to create a new for of cinema due to the fact that patriarchy power to control cinematic pleasure has revealed.
Many critics have noticed that Mulvey’s application of psychoanalysis and filmmaking appears in an ironic return to Freud and Jacques Lacan. Mulvey uses the gaze to examine male pleasure in narrative cinema, but Lacan argues that the gaze is a much more primary part of human subjectivity than patriarchy which although powerful, is secondary manifestation of culture.
Cinema offers plenty pleasures and one of them is scopophilia. In the three essays of sexuality Freud “isolated scopophilia as one of the component instincts of sexuality which exist as it drives quite independently of the erotogenic zones. At this point he associated scopophilia with taking other people as objects, subjecting them to a controlling and curious gaze”.
The cinema except the pleasure in looking also develops scopophilia in its narcissistic aspect. Scopophilic aspect comes form pleasure in using a person of sexual desire through sight thus narcissistic aspect is developed through the constitution of the ego and comes from the identification of the image seen. Cinema provides anthropomorphic stories, and the way that the cinema displays the space, the surroundings and the human forms it makes the audience more curious and more likely...

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...rative structures pleasure and displeasure, identification and the ideological dimensions of subjectivity, and the dangers of concepts based on biological definitions of sexual difference.
In conclusion nowadays there’s no one to really tell us who has the upper hand to the dominant gaze. In everyday life from my point of view men have the upper hand to the gaze because of the fact that even in advertisements women are displayed to drag the viewers attention which means that mostly the target audience is the man, but in some sort of way women as well. Many women admire models, girls form advertisements who look thin and pretty making women want to become like them but in a way this is consider jealousy. Males and females have many differences from the outside appearance to the inside feelings. Maybe that’s what makes the man have the upper hand in most situations.

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