Patients From The Care Of The Elderly Department Essay

Patients From The Care Of The Elderly Department Essay

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During my placement, I observed that patients from the Care of the Elderly department were mostly diagnosed with falls, general decrease in mobility due to frailty, along with multiple pathologies, and most of tend to be dependent on a family member or carer. Dreeben- Irimia (2009) and Clegg et al. (2011) suggested that patient’s education along with home exercise programme and goal setting has a role in optimising self-independence and their rehabilitation. Moreover, although patients obtained medical information from healthcare professionals verbally, they might not fully understand about the medical content due to their reading ability (Graham and Brookey, 2008; Farrisi, 2012). In addition, they often forget 40-80% of the medical information immediately and could only recall a few verbal instructions (Kessels, 2003; Farrisi, 2012). Considering all these aspects, a specific written patient information document (PID), a non-verbal communication tool, was produced, to educate and assist the specific patient’s rehabilitation (Hoffmann and Worrall, 2004). The PID also helped reinforcing verbal information during the absence of a physiotherapist (Hoffmann and Worrall, 2004). Evidence-based approach was used in this assignment to justify the content and format of the PID, giving reasons as to why it is appropriate and suitable for the specific patient.

Informed consent was gained from the patient before producing the PID to allow discussion with other healthcare professions (CSP, 2013). Also, a pseudo name of Johnny will be used in the PID to protect the patient’s identity. Johnny was a 76 year-old man; he lives alone and a carer visits him twice a week. He mentioned that there was pain and stiffness in his neck due to a whiplash in...

... middle of paper ..., 2013). The PID is applicable to Johnny because he confirmed he could read and understand it easily.

In conclusion, the main aim of the PID was to provide a non-verbal communication tool for Johnny for reinforcement of verbal information from physiotherapists during his rehabilitation. This does not only educate Johnny, but also promoted self-independence and assisted with his rehabilitation during the absence of a physiotherapist. To make an effective PID for Johnny, it was vital to have good communication with him and other healthcare professionals to achieve his goal. Lastly, factors such as readability, layout, organization, language, content and typography were also considered and reviewed during the production of PID. All aspects above were ensured that the PID was tailored for Johnny and felt engaged in the exercises during his rehabilitation programme.

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