Patient With Benign Fibrous Pseudotumors of Paratesticular Tissues Essay

Patient With Benign Fibrous Pseudotumors of Paratesticular Tissues Essay

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The term “Fibrous pseudotumor” is generally referred to a group of benign lesions arising as a result of reactive changes in testicular tunics. The condition is also known as inflammatory pseudotumor, proliferative funniculitis, chronic proliferative periorchitis, fibrous mesothelioma and reactive periorchitis (1,2).
The prevalence of this tumor is so rare and most often it shows itself as painless scrotal masses associated with hydrocele or a history of trauma or infection, the usual site of involvement is tunica vaginalis but in some rare cases it can arise from tunica albuginea, epididymis and spermatic cord as well.
It clinically mimics the malignancies of the region (often appearing as painless multi nodular scrotal masses) which often leads to treatment by radical surgical approach.
Microscopically, the mass is consisted of hyalinized collagenous fibrous stroma rich in thin-walled blood vessels, containing few numbers of fibroblasts and inflammatory cells such as lymphocytes and plasma cells (3).
Here we present a case report of a 26 years old man with multiple masses in his scrotum which were diagnosed as prolifrative funniculitis after resection and microscopic evaluations.

Case report:
A 26 years old male presented with multiple painless solid masses in his right hemi scrotum(around the cord and above the right testis)which were first discovered 2 months before his first visit, the patient didn’t state any exact history of trauma or infection and there was no sign of remarkable weight loss or any other alarming signs.
Significant finding in physical examination was palpation of firm nontender nodules at the right testis’s hilum and alongside the right spermatic cord which were adhered to the involved t...

... middle of paper ...

...sts, epidermoid cysts, cystic ectasia of the rete testis, intratesticular varicocele, adrenal rest tumors, splenogonadal fusion and malignant tumors for the interatesticular ones(13,14).
The case presented in this paper is a 26 year old guy with multiple nontender mobile solid masses in his right hemiscrotum without any red flag sign or positive history of the risk factors of the fibrous pseudotumor, laboratory and imaging studies revealed no specific clue in favor of malignancy , the patient underwent surgery and all of the masses were removed while the right testis and its appendicis remained unharmed , pathologic study of resected tumor confirmed the clinical diagnosis of fibrous pseudotumor.
In conclusion, fibrous pseudotumors have to be carefully distinguished from the malignancies in order to prevent patients from going under unnecessary surgical procedures.

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