Patient Satisfaction With Nursing Care Essay

Patient Satisfaction With Nursing Care Essay

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Delivery of healthcare is getting competitive each day which forces a change in outlook for patients, who are once considered as health care recipients, are now recognized as consumers of healthcare. The purpose of the article selected was to analyze the concept of patient satisfaction with nursing care and to describe the method of analysis, the steps of the process, and results for each step and how to apply the concept to a practice situation. Nursing care plays a vital role in patient satisfaction. The key area of concern is to evaluate patient experience and satisfaction as it is crucial to attract healthcare consumers to a particular hospital to stay competitive in the healthcare market. Patient satisfaction is an important indicator of quality of care, so it is imperative to understand what influences healthcare consumers to perceive quality care. Utilizing a nursing model to measure patient satisfaction with nursing care helps to describe and clarify this concept and gives insight into how to improve quality and care. Accuracy and reliability are critical when delivering patient care and it should be revealed within nursing practice, communication, and documentation.
Rodgers (2000) evolutionary method of concept analysis provides an inductive method of exploring and scrutinizing concepts as they gradually develop, and thus used to guide this concept analysis of patient satisfaction with nursing care. In the human needs paradigm, humans are considered mechanistic being and if correct information is gathered the cause of the problems can be identified and interventions can be directed in meeting the specific needs (McEwen & Will, 2014, pg.132). The steps involved in the evolutionary method are, selecting a suitable realm...

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...ional/technical competencies heightens patient satisfaction with nursing care. Personalized nursing care maximizes patient satisfaction and facilitates positive patient outcomes, which directs researchers to detect the uniqueness of the nurse patient relationship as satisfaction with nursing care predicts overall satisfaction with the hospital experience which results in a good reputation, a greater market share of the patient population, compliance with healthcare regimens and better health outcomes. By highlighting the importance of patient satisfaction in the healthcare market today, it is vital that nurses continue to find ways to measure and improve patient satisfaction. By thorough research in this area, knowledge about patient satisfaction with nursing care will expand, the nursing discipline will continue to mature, and patient satisfaction will be improved.

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