Patient Satisfaction : The Nurse 's Role Essay

Patient Satisfaction : The Nurse 's Role Essay

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Patient satisfaction: The nurse’s role
Our one main purpose, as nurses, is most importantly patient care. Nurses know that the need of others is why they are brought onto this role. Although, there are times where patients are dissatisfied with their care. Whether, it is the lack of communication, an issue with the doctor, other staff, or the nurse? What could we do to satisfy patients in there time of need?
Patients are cared for by many healthcare personal, but the nurse is there when they are at their worst state. It could be when they are experiencing a bad day, when they have just been given bad news, or when the are filled with joy because the test came back negative and they are closer to getting out of the room, that was once filled with so many worrisome thoughts, pain, and reflection of what their life was like or what their life could be in the matter of days, weeks, years. Nurses are meant to be superhero’s, not only for patients but in their role, as a nurse.
The Nurse
We have the new graduate nurses, who are learning day by day about new different illnesses that they have only read about but not yet encountered or the veteran nurses that have tricks up their sleeve for multiple reasons, they may know different techniques on certain aspects of their job that they have perfected because of years of experience. Then we have the head nurses- these nurses take the fall for everything. They are responsible for nurse education, discipline, competencies, and up to date information about the work environment. They are also responsible for making it right when we have a patient that is unhappy with their nursing care.
Should nurses be more involved with decision making on patient care? My opinion on this is that they shoul...

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...satisfaction plays a big role in regards to patient satisfaction. Patients are dependent on the healthcare staff especially, the nurse, to be their advocate. Including nurses in the decision making process has an impact on nurse satisfaction, retention, patient satisfaction, and the avoidance of adverse events. (Houser et al. 2012). Nurses are one of the key components to patient satisfaction. Patients are in a vulnerable state when they enter the doors of a hospital. Nurses are there for them, from their first step to their last step, striving to meet their every need in a healthcare and personal aspect.

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