Patient Satisfaction : Nursing Station Essay

Patient Satisfaction : Nursing Station Essay

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After each shift, nurses gather to communicate essential information regarding their assigned patients to the oncoming nurse for the next shift. The handover report is normally given at the busy nursing station. This report allows the oncoming nurse to ask questions and receive feedback regarding the patient’s care. This will provide a continuity of care among nurses who are caring for the patients.

With the current process, nurses are not satisfied with the nurse-to nurse report and the amount of time it takes to give report due to the many distractions and interruptions. The distractions and interruptions cause the nurse to remain on the timeclock past his or her scheduled shift to give reports resulting in overtime. Barriers identified with the current process includes noise levels while receiving reports, staff frequently clocking out past their scheduled time, and no patient or family involvement during this time. Increased noise levels while receiving reports may result in the RN missing pertinent details and information. (Evan, 2012) Patient satisfaction is the foundation of the needed change. According to patient satisfaction surveys, patients feel there is a lack of communication between themselves and the nursing staff during their hospitalization.

The shift-to-shift patient report process currently does not involve the patient or family, leaving the change-of-shift nurse to answer questions during their initial rounds that they may not have all the information to answer at that time. Often times the nurses does not receive enough information themselves, leading them to take time to research answers to their own questions. Opportunities for mistakes are present due to the lack of information. The current end-of-...

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...ssist and answer any questions that may arise. The leaders will follow staff nurses during report offering advice and providing guidance. (Ferris, 2013) Strong leadership and communication skills are essential in order to create an atmosphere of trust. Those qualities will also initiate change in the attitudes and behaviours of staff in a complex environment. (Evans, 2012) Binders will also be placed at each nursing station to allow the nurses to write down any concerns or feedback management may need to know about the process. Then, weekly management will review the feedback left in the binder and address with the nurses during staff meetings.

Nursing is ever changing. Nursing is all about continuous education. We as nurse must have attitudes that embrace change constantly. Nurses must to willing to learn new processes to benefit the patient and themselves.

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