Patient Satisfaction And Compliance With Treatment Essay

Patient Satisfaction And Compliance With Treatment Essay

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Patient satisfaction with nursing care and compliance with treatment is a topic that is heavily researched. The problem of decreased patient satisfaction is of great significance due impart to the fact that the level of patient satisfaction coincides with the level of compliance on medical advice, prescriptions, and directions given to patients (Johansson, Oleﰀni, & Fridlund, 2002). Patient satisfaction and compliance is a substantial problem in nursing because there is a large correlation with what patients’ perceive of nursing care and their perception on the quality of care received. Research has indicated that in order to increase patients’ participation in medical care, the patient must be satisfied with nursing care.
Nursing literature strengthens the medical view that non-compliance is a large problem that often comes with damaging consequences, often related to cost, re-hospitalization and relapses that might have otherwise been prevented (Russel, Daly, Hughes, & Hoog, 2003). Research indicates that a patient who is not satisfied will rarely comply with directions and often does not show up for return visits and this gives meaning as to why this is such an important topic. A show of statistics indicate that non-adherence to medications causes 125,000 deaths yearly and can be accounted for 10% to 25% of reported nursing home and hospital admissions in the United States alone (Atreja, Bellam, & Levy, 2002).
The literature article in question seeks to define what the factors are that influence the patients level of satisfaction from the perspective of the patients in regards to nursing care. Many factors that influence p...

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...equisite for the patient’s perception of satisfaction with the nursing care which often is the determining factor of whether the client will comply or not so therefore these behaviors can be predicted utilizing the TPB since the actions of others (the nurse) and your actions fall into the belief categories which ultimately lead to the behavior.
In conclusion, nursing theory can guide practice, education and help test hypothesis, but implementing borrowed theories and linking them to nursing situations could often prove useful. Utilizing theories from other disciplines should not completely be ruled out, and may be valuable and may further the research when combined with nursing theory. Not every theory can be utilized but as you would analyze and research a nursing theory to determine its appropriateness, this should be done with a borrowed theory as well.

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