Patient Rw Is An Assisted Living Facility Essay

Patient Rw Is An Assisted Living Facility Essay

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Patient RW is a 72-year old male that came into the hospital by ambulance from an assisted living facility in the Des Moines area. Patient RW has lived fulltime in an assisted living facility since 2013. His daughters come and visit him daily and are also by his side in the evening while he is staying in the hospital. His support system is small, but is very involved in his cares within the living facility and the hospital. He was admitted to 7 South for chest pain and is on continuous telemonitoring and on four liters of oxygen. According to his daughters, he is an average Christian, with no religious or culture aspects that would affect the health care that needs to be given. Though, no religion or culture is affecting care, his past medical history of a traumatic brain injury led him to no longer be able to hear or speak. Through rehab, he was able to learn sign language, as were his daughters, so a sign language interpreter is on call for the doctors and nurses. For the most part, with his daughters present and also through writing on a piece of paper communication is not majorly hindering patient care. Looking into RW’s past medical history, he is hypertensive and has congestive heart failure. A stent was placed in his heart six months ago and his daughters fear that could be causing his chest pain. With further testing, doctors found no problems with the stent, and are not concerned at this time. He has an allergy to Clindamycin and Lisinopril, but his only reaction is a rash, so he has taken it before. As noted earlier, he is admitted for chest pain, patient describes it as a throbbing feeling within his left side that is relieved with pain medication and repositioning. The heart doctors are ruling out whether ...

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...tions as prescribed and the side effects that might come with them. According to Nursing Times, nurses believe that education is vital in reducing hospitalization and improving the quality of life for patients. “Nurses need to get in the habit of thinking about patient education as a way of providing nursing care beyond here and now” (Smith and Zsohar, 2013). The rationale behind patient education is the importance of patient compliance, and in hopes of preventing further hospitalizations. Nurse will evaluate the patient’s response to pain and management strategies. This is essential to assist in the effect of pain relief measures. Inconsistencies with behavior or appearance and what the patient says about pain relief (or lack of) may be a reflection of other methods the patient might use to cope with pain instead of relieving the pain itself (Wayne, 2016).

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