Essay on Patient Perception Of The Hospital

Essay on Patient Perception Of The Hospital

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In recent years there has been a marked change in the inpatient hospital experience. Many of these changes are related to funding and payment. Insurance companies no longer reimburse hospitals for providing services, but have begun to provide payment based on hospital performance measures (Knudson, 2013, C8). Adverse events that occur during a patient’s stay now leads to financial loss. Hospitals have to absorb the additional treatment cost of “never events” such as injuries from falls, infections from urinary catheters, and pressure ulcers that are acquired during a patient’s admission (Agency for Healthcare Administration, 2012). Patient perception of the hospital environment is increasingly important with the ability of potential consumers to utilize survey data to compare the quality of facilities to decide where to spend their healthcare dollars. The nurses providing direct patient care play a key role in how well hospitals are meeting these goals, and therefore have a direct influence on patient outcomes and hospital revenue. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that nurses are staffed adequately to meet patients’ needs.
According to Knudson (2013), patients are coming to the hospital in more acute distress, but are having shorter hospital stays. The care patients receive is directly influenced by staffing levels of nurses, the acuity level of the patients, and the ability of nurses to successfully perform their tasks (Hinno et al., 2011, p. 1584). While patient acuity increases, staffing and resources available to care for these patients are decreasing. Nurses are expected to do more with less to satisfy the constraints placed by administration in favor of improving profit. Hinno et al. (2011) suggests that by no...

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...). Nurses should serve on staffing committees and unit based councils in order to provide input and feedback to hospital administration. Evidence based projects regarding safe staffing levels can be used to educate management and administration about improving patient outcomes. Nurses can also monitor staffing levels and patient outcomes on their own units in order to collect data to support requests for safer staffing levels. There is no universal answer for what constitutes an appropriate staffing level. Staffing levels should not be generalized but tailored to the specific needs of the hospital, unit, and patients served. Nurses on the front lines of patient care need to be champions for improving patient outcomes by providing feedback to management, serving on committees and councils, lobbying for legislation, and becoming active in professional organizations.

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