Essay on The Patient Intake Interview

Essay on The Patient Intake Interview

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The intake interview assists in establishing and diagnosing any problems the client may have. The therapist may then explain to the client what to expect during the interview, including the time duration. A good assessment/ or intake will focus on the individual situation, strength and coping mechanism. The intake form is for the client, it gives the therapist more information and an idea of who you are. The intake process that is considered of a series of questions and consent form that the client has to sign and agree to. A professional relationship between a counselor and a client begins with an intake interview.
The intake process may vary based on the clinical setting from structured to unstructured models, each with the same core and theme of collective information that is customarily gathered. The effectiveness of the initial intake interviews are a reflection of balance between gathering information and developing a therapeutic working alliance (Whiston, 2009). Furthermore, “Research indicates that to become effective in intake interviewing so that a working alliance is fostered, counselors need to follow guidelines and receive training to obtain accurate and valid information” (Duley, Cancelli, Kratochwill, Bergan & Meredith, 1983). This is why as counselor we have the training necessary to successfully execute an intake process.
Theories that are used in an intake process before an intervention plan is designed are based on strategies which are positively associated with a desirable outcome. One approach that I will use is the conversation theory which refer to how general study of how knowledge is founded through interactions between two people. This theory main focus seeks to define how two individuals will come ...

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...counselor want to make sure that the counselor provides the best services possible. The retrieval of new information is valuable when trying to make a diagnosis. For a clinical and therapeutic plan to be developing the biographical information that the client provided, direct therapist observations, and data from specific psychological tests is what help to determine the treatment plan.

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