Patient Falls Is A Serious Problem Essay

Patient Falls Is A Serious Problem Essay

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Patient falls in the hospital is a serious issue and challenging problem that could lead to prolonged hospital stay, longer recovery time for patients, increased costs for hospitals, and a source of distress and anxiety for patients, nurses, and families. Patient falls can cause minor or major serious physical injury depending on the situation and the age of the client. In addition to the physical harms, patients can suffer from psychological injuries which make them lose their independence and confidence on themselves and build a lot of anger, distress and fears of falling.
My practicum was at the Johns Hopkins hospital “Comprehensive Transplant Unit” where I spent over 146 hours. This unit experiences at least two falls a month. One of the fall accident happened during one of my day shifts. A 64 year old patient who had a history of A-fib and generalized weakness and fatigue was left alone in the bathroom by one of the nursing assistants. When the patient tried to get up from the toilet seat alone and walk towards her bed, she felt dizzy and fell in the floor hitting her head and knees. After discovering the fall incident, two nurses went in and took the patients’ vital signs and performed a head to toe assessment. Then an incident report was filled and the health care provider was notified. Fortunately, patient didn’t have any major physical injuries however she developed some fears of getting up to the bathroom by requesting a bed pan instead for the rest of the day.
Experiencing this particular patient’s fall incident motivated me to choose increased falls and injuries risk as my Quality Improvement project to investigate more about patient’s falls and injuries intervention in this unit. To help with my Quality Improvement p...

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...h risk for bleeding. Antidiuretic medication can make patients have more frequent trips to the bathroom which put them at high risk for falls especially at night. There should be a lot of collaboration and communication about drugs doses, side effects, and tapering between nurses, pharmacists, and doctors to prevent medication falls related injuries.
Every hospital should track their patients’ fall rates in order to evaluate the applied interventions. At the Comprehensive Transplant Unit; practicing the safety check, having periodic mandatory training, using a good communication skills and tools between all healthcare team members, providing patient teaching, and performing an accurate risk assessments on all patients should help minimize or have a unit free of falls and injuries during every day or night shift to offer better outcome to both patients and hospital.

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