Essay Patient Fall With Injuries

Essay Patient Fall With Injuries

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Patient Fall With Injuries
Working in a nursing home, as a nurse having to witness countless of falls occur more often than not is not a pretty sight. The majority of the falls that do occur lead to injuries, whether it is fracture to the face, head, limbs, or bruises to the part of the body to where the injury transpired and skin tears and cuts. The majority of the residents who do fall are either, restless, curious, attempting to grab something that is out of reach, or trying to self-transfer because they do not have the patience to wait for help. Falls can also occur with a person with dementia or some underlying infection that may cause confusion. Some residents are just plain stubborn because they feel like they are independent and invincible and nothing can stop them from getting to where they need to be. The purpose of this paper is to explain why do injury occur when patient falls? Why is this problem is a concern on many nursing units? What are the advantages and disadvantages in proposing nursing practice changes, an how to implement a recommended change to nursing practice
Pertaining to older adults age 65 years or older, why do injury occur when residents falls? The research that was gathered in relations to why injuries occur when patient falls states many causes to why this might happen. Naturally, the as the human body ages the bones in the human body start to loose bone mass, calcium and minerals. The fluid that keeps the joints moving may decrease which leads to the joints becoming stiffer and less flexible. Knee and hip joints may start to go through a deteriorating phase. When all of these effects start to take place, the bones become more brittle and may break easily just from a single fall. Move...

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