Patient Centric Healthcare : Healthcare Essay

Patient Centric Healthcare : Healthcare Essay

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Patient-Centric Healthcare
Over the past five years, numerous legislative acts have fundamentally changed the way the country thinks about healthcare. Nowhere have the changes been felt more than for those delivering care. However, often providers do not stop and consider how the changes affect patients, which is unfortunate as patient acceptance and participation in their healthcare can improve outcomes. Murphy (2011) concurred that healthcare should revolve around the patient rather than the patient treated as a passive participant. Her viewpoint extended to implementing health information technology (HIT) that is patient-centric and collaborative in helping patients become a full partner in their preventative self-care and disease management. Murphy focused on four healthcare sectors—eHealth, primary care, hospital care, and the concept of health information exchanges. The suggestions for eHealth, such as opening patient portals for scheduling, getting test results, updating health information, and communicating with practitioners, are now becoming the standard for many healthcare practices. While Murphy’s ideas are thoughtful and patients would likely benefit greatly, she acknowledged this paradigm shift in healthcare delivery is foreign to many patients and providers and full implementation will not occur overnight. Certainly, the advances in health information technology can be of great benefit to the delivery of quality care, there remain concerns of privacy, particularly where the exchange of health information is concerned.
Achieving Patient-Centered Care
The Institute of Medicine (2012) defined patient-centered care (PCC) as care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values. ...

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...ough this has often been an uneasy relationship. While the public can celebrate the positives of high-tech medicine and technology, its downside has been a loss of personal connection and fears of how patient information is used. The reality is, healthcare information technology is moving forward, but with an ear for improving performance by admitting its shortcomings and seeking ways to avoid patient rejection of all it has to offer. As improvements are made, CPOE has the potential to reduce medical errors by clarifying information before adverse events occur. Electronic health records and the sharing of vital information can perform remarkably well in reducing repeat testing and maintaining continuity of care between providers. As with any new system, HIT will evolve and with great hope and determination, change the way healthcare is delivered in the United States.

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