Patient After Hospitalized : A Serious Problem Essay

Patient After Hospitalized : A Serious Problem Essay

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Patient fall during hospitalized is a serious problem. Patient injury related to the patient fall is the first line of the safety issue and compromised patient 's satisfaction and patient-centered care. Also injury result of the prolong patient hospital stay, rehabilitation, and health care cost. In some case, injury cause of patient loss of independence or even death. Health care institutions work hard to seek innovative approaches to promote patient’s safety prevent patient fall and improve patient satisfaction scores. Hourly rounding theory has been reviewed by several independent study, and improved are the solid strategy to promotes patient 's safety and enhances patient 's centered care. The proposal of Implementation hourly rounding identified the current problem and the requiring necessary change to meet the patient safety care.
Traditionally, nursing staff active provides care depends on patient 's request communicated through the call bell system. However, hourly rounding method changed the nursing staff waiting to the call bell to the hourly rounding to meet the patient 's needs proactively. Hourly rounding Revealed by the Studer Group, it is another way of regulating existing work. The design is to meet the patients needs and ensure patient safety (Ford, 2010). By addressing the 4Ps that are assessing patient 's pain, reposition the patient, patient 's personal needs, placement of patient 's bedside items within reach (Ford, 2010). The history of the concept of rounding started in the late 1980s as a solution of the increasing in complaints from the patient and the physicians, in a medical center in Birmingham (Hourly Patient Rounding - ADVANCE for Nurses. n.d.). Currently, health care system facing the new challenge...

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...e practice. To implementation, the change also needs to improve the nurse’s knowledge of a situation, provide interpretation of practice dynamics, and develop problem-solving skills for clinical problems (Grove, Gray, & Burns, 2015).
The fifth phase is the evaluation. The impact of the implementation change on the healthcare institution, personnel, and patients are evaluated. The evaluating method can be formal and informal exercises led by administrators, nurse clinicians, and other health professionals. The Informal evaluations can be discussions with patients, families, co-workers, and other professionals. The Formal evaluations could be case studies, quality enhancement, and translation of the outcomes. The goal is to use the research evidence to facilitate the implementation the evidence-based plan of the change in nursing practice (Grove, Gray, & Burns, 2015).

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