Essay about Pathology : The Visible Features Of The Pathology

Essay about Pathology : The Visible Features Of The Pathology

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vDescribe the visible features of the pathology you observed, and how these differed from normal anatomy. In addition, describe what the microscopic appearances of the pathology you observed would probably be (you do not require histological analysis of tissue from your First Patient to answer this question). (up to 200 words

Externally, the lung appeared to us as normal size, shape, colour. The only abnormality that could be seen externally was the carbon depositions, which wasn’t that significantly extensive. When we cut through the lung to further examine it, we could clearly see that the lungs had accumulated fluid with distended airspaces as well as having lighter areas inside the lung that were areas of consolidation of the lung. These areas formed a pattern of patchy distribution, typical of a bronchopneumonia. Many foci of consolidation (necrosis, scarring) were present in the lobes, which were a grey-yellow colour, on average about 2 cm in diameter. These areas of gray hepatization made the lungs not appear a normal uniform pink colour. I predict that the microscopic appearances of bronchopneumonia in our patient’s lungs would have alveoli infiltrated with inflammatory cells (primarily neutrophils), congested capillaries in the alveolar septa, areas of necrosis, with these affected areas having expanded and fluid-filled.

Firstly, note the aetiologies (causes) of the disease you have chosen to discuss and how each contributes to the disease. Then describe in detail the pathogenic mechanisms involved in the development of you have chosen, include cellular and molecular processes that contribute to the pathogenesis. (The pathogenic mechanisms you describe do not need to have occurred in your First Patient, however you shou...

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...u-like symptoms such as fever, cough, tachypnea, shortness of breath, sweating, fatigue, confusion, myalgia, chest pain associated with pleurisy.
The patient would have undergone a physical exam to measure his temperature and to auscultate his lungs for a crackling/wheezing sound. Then he may have had a complete blood count (CBC) to find that he have an elevated white cell count, suggesting a bacterial infection. In order to diagnose the condition, our patient would most probably have gotten a chest x-ray in order to find white areas of consolidation. If the patient had bacterial bronchopneumonia and was diagnosed and treated for it, the doctor would have most likely given him intravenous (IV) antibiotics to destroy the bacteria causing the infection. It would have been intravenous because our patient is of old age and would have been confused due to his dementia.

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