The Pathology Model Of Poverty Essay

The Pathology Model Of Poverty Essay

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The pathology model, known as the culture of poverty, claims that poverty is attributed to the personal failings of the individual, family or community. It is perceived that this failings stem from a combination of dysfunctional behaviors, attitudes, and values that make and keep poor people poor. With the structural economic model, it is believed that proponents of poverty as a structural problem trace its roots to dysfunctional aspects of the economic system. These claims place more responsibility on the failure of the government to address fundamental economic patterns that have forced people into poverty and not provided a means out. They also reflect the idea that what are often considered to be characteristics of a culture of poverty are actually characteristics of poverty itself, having nothing to so with the attitudes, values, and life choices od those forced to live in poverty. (Guest, 422-423)

12. For most matrilineal descent groups like the Iroquois or the Yanomami, which is the important family relationship that these systems support or promote? In this type of kinship system which individual provides the main social leadership role in a young person’s life? (3 pts)

Regarding the majority of matrilineal descent groups, such as the Yanomami and the Iroquois, the important family relationship that these systems support and promote is that which is between the mother and her children. These groups are constructed through the mother’s side of the family. The mothers provide the main social leadership in the lives of the young people because the kinship group is built through their line. (Guest, 352)

13. Explain why anthropologists recognize more than two sexes. (4 pts)

Anthropologists recognize more than two sexes bec...

... middle of paper ...

... inequality and that the nation’s diverse population ends up becoming one big middle class. Voluntary isolation also plays a role in the invisibility of class in the U.S. Guest claims that there has been a tendency in part of the population to isolate themselves from exposure to the lower class. An example of this voluntary isolation is the establishment of gated communities. Before the emergence of gated communities, members of the upper and middle classes fled urban areas to the suburbs in attempt to distance themselves from the decay, poverty and crime associated with city life. Gates and enclosed communities emerged to create a sense of security and protections. However, these walls and gates may be counterproductive because, by increasing isolation, the gates produce fear and increase social segregation and the ignoring of the lower classes. (Guest, 426-428)

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