The Path Towards Full Rights Essay

The Path Towards Full Rights Essay

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The path towards full rights for homosexual people in the United States has been difficult; sometimes it seems for every two steps forward at least one step is taken backwards. In family life it is now possible for gay couples to partake in many of the same life milestones as heterosexual couples. As soldiers putting their lives on the line in the defense of America, all enlisted personnel can openly display their sexual orientation; this is a big change from the past. Unfortunately, workers who hold jobs in civilian society still can be fired for openly disclosing that they have a non-traditional relationship. Maybe with time, employment rights will catch up to the gains made elsewhere.
One place that real strides towards equality have happened is in marriage. For a time it seemed that federal and state laws that supposedly defended marriage were becoming more common. The United States government at one point found it necessary to define marriage as the union between one man and one woman. There was a school of thought that believed if we allowed same sex couples to marry that would next lead to humans wanting to marry animals. Many Christians believe the Bible condemns homosexuality and therefore same sex marriage is a sin and taken further, a country that allows this is sinful. Christians also felt that having their children exposed to gay families would somehow lessen the strength of their family bond.
The Supreme Court recently ruled in 2015 that all people have the right to marry the one they choose. Because of this change in the country’s laws, same sex couples were for the first time legally able to access rights the general population takes for granted. Hospital rules that stated that only family members could visit criti...

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...e rights of transgender citizens by allowing them to use the bathroom that correlates with the gender they identify with. There seem to be a large number of people who believe that this will lead to straight men dressing up as women in order to take advantage of young girls in the women’s restroom. Despite nationwide outrage against this new law, North Carolina lawmakers seem determined to keep it in place.
Ten years ago transgender was a word we hardly ever heard spoken. Now, although many people are unsure of its meaning and how transgender people fit into their lives, it will be the next place we see change. As a society, we need time to adjust to change. Gradually as we see that many of the predicted catastrophic consequences of gay-rights have failed to materialize, we will become more open and accepting of people and families who are different from our own.

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