The Path to Registered Nursing Essay

The Path to Registered Nursing Essay

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Among the popular health care professions in the United States, nursing is unique for the reason that it has a variety of scholastic pathways in which one can obtain an entry-level license to practice. Nursing students have several options as to how they want to become registered nurses: the diploma in nursing, associate’s degree in nursing, or the bachelor’s of science in nursing. The health care system is constantly changing, requiring health care professionals to be well-educated; “…care needs to be linked to identified patient outcomes; that practice be evidence base; and that providers be accountable for the care provided. Registered nurses, accounting for the largest number of health care providers, must be knowledgeable workers delivering care based on best practice standards” (Delaney & Piscopo, 2007).

Having well-trained nurses with the right kinds of skills will benefit to the overall safety and superiority of a transformed health care system. According to author Karen Pennington, “approximately 50% of the practicing nurse workforce consisting of RNs with associate degree...

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