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Have you ever been at that desperate point in your life where you were begging- no pleading for a word from "up there?" You plan your day around an hour of time tucked away, specifically for quiet time with Jesus. First, you get everything that could distract you out of your room: cell phone, kids, food, work, laundry and to do lists. You sit down, empty your mind from all thoughts, and determine to hear His VOICE. You wait rather impatiently. You hear nothing, not even a faint whisper. The only noise is the wind whistling by outside shouting its importance being greater than yours. As the seconds turn into minutes, you venture deeper and deeper into a black pit of discouragement.
“Why is it so difficult for me to hear His voice,” you ask yourself. “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I hear Him speak the way I used to be able to? Why can everyone else hear Him more clearly than me?”
We know that the Bible is infallible. It gives the promise of the Lord’s approachability, which keeps us coming back to Him again and again. This book has been about me diligently and persistently seeking Him. It has been about choosing daily to sit at His feet, until I could hear Him speak. Sometimes, it was easy, and sometimes, it just was downright difficult. The joy is that the Lord takes you and me right where we are. Don’t let the enemy lie to you and tell you that you can’t hear the voice of the Lord. He is speaking. I pray that through this study, you will be able to proceed with the Holy Spirit to places not yet seen by you, while allowing Him to uncover any hidden places in your heart.

Note from the Author: Where it all started!
A few years ago, I was having my quiet time with the Lord, and I heard Him say, “W...

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“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8

Questions to make you think!
 Are you in a point in your life, where the Lord is asking you to step out into uncharted territory?
 What is the new territory and how do you feel about going there?
 Are you in troubled waters and need to find the “Path to Peace”? Explain.
 What Scriptures help you get through challenging circumstances?

A Prayer of Blessing
I pray for all those who are in the extremely difficult place of having to choose to step out onto turbulent water or remain where they are. I pray that they would be strong and courageous and would trust you implicitly. Help them to know that You are the I Am and will give them what they need to succeed with excellence. Help them see through Your eyes and walk boldly wherever their destiny is taking them.

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