Essay on Patents Introduction ( Amber Mantel )

Essay on Patents Introduction ( Amber Mantel )

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Patents Introduction (Amber Mantel)

A patent is “the exclusive right granted by a government to an inventor to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years.” ("The Definition of Patent," 2015) A patent helps keep the inventor safe from others stealing their idea and both marketing and profiting as if it were their own. Patents can be used for all types of things including but not limited to drugs, technology, and design.

Once the inventor has decided their product, idea or technology is unique and would like to legally make it their own they can file for a patent. Anyone apply for a patent on what the inventor believes to be a new idea however the following must apply for someone to receive a patent. “The invention must be statutory, new, useful, and non-obvious.” (Tysver, 2015) An example of an invention that meets all of the previously mentioned is the seatbelt. When it came to the patent office it was new, useful in saving lives, and non-obvious in that no one before had thought of it.

Types of Patents (Zander Bool)

Design Patents.

They protect the visual ornamental characteristics embodied in, or applied to, an article of manufacture. In other words, design patents protect the way an article looks. (United States Patent And Trademark Office. A Guide to Filing A Design Patent)

The Volkswagen Beetle Design Patent.

This design patent protects the look of the famous Volkswagen Beetle Car, named for its distinct bulging shape similar to that of a beetle. Since its release in 1938, it has become a very well-known car, making pop culture appearances in many movies such as Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005). Due to its beetle-like design, the VW Beetle has become a car unrivaled in uniqueness. Th...

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... system affects small businesses. The Association of American Universities says, “ the ability to move their discoveries to the private sector for the benefit of the public through technology transfer depends on a strong patent system." (

Some disadvantages of the STRONG Act are the overall strength of the US patent system is lowered compared to before because it puts more power in the patent holders hand. The big companies can easily by passes this by funding research and showing process at slow rate so they can keep the patent and not lose business. This act is suppose to prevent that from happening. The act does not stop people from cutting corner but it does enforce harsh penalties if some is caught. Overall there are more pro then cons for this bill but with all laws there are loop holes for big company lawyers to find to hurt the small business.

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