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“St. John's Lutheran School exists to help families pass their faith in the Lord Jesus to their children through a Christ-centered educational program and to help the children fully develop their God-given gifts.”

Dear Pastor,

St. John’s Lutheran School has been a beacon of Christian education since 1876. As with other parochial schools, we find enrollment has declined and while this provides for some very favorable teacher to student ratios, the reality is that is it not good stewardship on our part to allow this to continue. We certainly should not be teaching and preaching to empty seats if we can help it, and it is not good for the future of this important mission.
We’ve decided to offer a number of one-year scholarships to give more families an opportunity to find out the difference that a Christian education can make in the life of their child. We are confident that they will like what they see and experience and will want their child to complete their elementary education at St. John’s. And we’re inviting your congregation to participate.

There will be two versions of scholarships: one for full tuition and one for 50% tuition, each is for one year only. Would you like to help? We are inviting your congregation to recommend up to three Christian Scholarship candidates; one to receive a full tuition scholarship, and two for the half-tuition scholarships. These are on a first come first served basis and subject to some conditions:
• This is for tuition only and does not cover education, extended care, or other fees.
• Candidates must be referred by their pastor and be in good standing (your definition) with their own church – feel free to ask about our member in good standing guidelines.
• There are some (3-4) m...

... middle of paper ...

...e some opportunities where they, or your congregation, may be able help raise some tuition funds.
We cannot guarantee the availability of other assistance, but there may be some programs here that could help. These may be limited by existing selection criteria and budget constraints. Know that the congregation of St. John’s financially supports the mission of our school and that every child who has ever attended, member and non-member alike, has been the beneficiary of our financial commitment. This will always be the case.
Please call the school if you have questions. Better yet, arrange to join your selected candidates in a tour of the school and we encourage you to guide and assist them in this process.
Thank you for your service to Christ and His Kingdom. We appreciate your help in supporting our school mission!

God’s blessings,


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