Pasteur And Vaccination, Microbial Fermentation, And Pasteurization Essay

Pasteur And Vaccination, Microbial Fermentation, And Pasteurization Essay

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Louis Pasteur was a famous scientist throughout the 1800s. He is known for his advancements in vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization. He is also known for his breakthroughs concerning disease prevention. He had a wide range of discoveries and advancements, these can be traced by going through the main points in his lifetime which were: his early life, professional career, research contributions of the Germ Theory, contributions to immunology and vaccination, and the honors and wards he received for all of his achievements. To begin, Pasteur 's early life. He was born in Dole France, on December 27, 1822. His parents were Jean-Joseph Pasteur and Jeanne-Etiennette Roqui. He began primary school in 1831, and was mostly interested in fishing and sketching. He was also just a regular student and did not necessarily excel in any areas. Later, in 1838 he traveled to the Institution Barbet for school. Unfortunately he only stayed for a year and due to feelings of homesickness he returned home. He then earned his BA degree at the College Royal de Besancon. Father receiving all of his degrees, he jumped around between different colleges until he finally landed at the University of Strasbourg. It was here that he met his future wife Marie Laurent. On May 29, 1849 they got married and went on to have five children. Only two of the five lived until adulthood, while the remaining three died of typhoid. The tragedies of his children 's deaths are was sparked the idea of him wanting to cure infectious diseases.
Next we enter Pasteur 's professional career. At Lille University, in 1854, he became dean of the new science faculties. Later he moved to Paris in 1857 to become Ecole Normale Superieure 's director of scientific studi...

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... and disproving the spontaneous generation theory, he was awarded the Copley Medal (1874), Jecker Prize (1861), and the Alhumbert Prize (1862). Some other wards and honors that were bequeathed unto Pasteur were the Leeuwenhoek Medal, Grand Croix of the Legion of Honor, and commander of the Brazilian Order of the Rose. Sadly, on September 28, 1895. He had suffered from strokes throughout his life and a major one in 1894 impaired him greatly, so much that he was not able to recover.
Hence, Louis Pasteur was a famous scientist throughout the 1800s. He had a wide range of discoveries and advancements, these can be traced by going through the main points in his lifetime which were: his early life, professional career, research contributions of the Germ Theory, contributions to immunology and vaccination, and the honors and wards he received for all of his achievements.

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