Essay Past Job Experience

Essay Past Job Experience

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As editor for Potentate Press (2000-2009), I negotiated with and persuaded authors regarding many issues. I persuaded authors to make changes for aesthetic or editorial reasons. I persuaded authors to accept design choices more in keeping with the press’ restricted budget. I persuaded authors to meet deadlines. I negotiated with authors regarding recompense for their work. I sought out authors and negotiated for the right to publish their work.

I negotiated with the publisher regarding direction of the press and the sorts of books we should publish. I negotiated with the publisher on budgetary matters.

I persuaded typesetters, proofreaders, and printers to meet deadlines.

I persuaded bookstores and distributors to carry our books. I persuaded reviewers to review our books, and professors to use our publications in their classes.

For Silenus Wines (1977-1998), I often used negotiation and persuasion in my job. Advising retail customers required a strong ability to persuade. It was my job to feature wines that we imported ourselves rather than wines from other distributors,...

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