Essay on The Past and The Future of Spain

Essay on The Past and The Future of Spain

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The country I chose to write my paper on is Spain. The capital of Spain is Madrid, and is located right in the center of Spain. Other major cities include Barcelona, Bilbao, Malagá, Sevilla, Valencià, and Zaragoza. Spain is part of the European Union, so the citizens of Spain can travel to other countries in the European Union with less documentation. The Spanish currency is the Euro, and some of their natural resources include copper, coal, iron rod, and uranium. Spain is a democratic state that follows a Constitutional Monarchy, which means that the written constitution limits the power of the monarchy, and power is shared between the monarchy and a elected branch of government. An interesting fact about Spain is that not only do they have a Parliamentary Government they have Royal Monarch as well. The current Prime Minister of Spain is Mariano Rajoy, and the King of Spain is Juan Carlos I.
Spain was not always a democratic state, up until 1939 Spain was a Monarch Regime. Many people wanted to move away from the Royal Monarch and move towards a form of democracy. But the King, Alfonso XIII, had enough power to prevent a fair election. In 1936, civil war broke out in Spain, there was a lot of violence and corruption during this time. The civil war ended in 1939 when General Franco is crowned king. He lead Spain through a 40 year dictatorship. While in office, Franco repressed the culture and language of Spain, censured the media and had complete power over the state. General Franco was also known for practising facism and having the support of many fascist groups including the Nazi party.
General Franco died in the year 1975, Juan Carlos I takes the throne and became the new king of Spain. Carlos pushed a...

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...nt will not be able to provide this support, then what will the people of Spain do? Another challenge Spain is facing is the illegal immigration of immigrants to Spain. To deal with the illegal immigration problem Spain has set up stricter border control as well establishing at least 15 legalization programs, legalizing about 600,000 African, Eastern European, and Latin American immigrants into Spain.
All in all, Spain has had its ups and downs and then ups again throughout the years. Spain went from an absolute monarchy, to dictatorship, to constitutional monarchy.The future of Spain is in the hands of it’s citizens and only they can prevent a major debt crisis, by saving for the future on their own. Fingers crossed that the people of Spain have learned from their past and realize that fair elections and democracy is the way to keep the state of Spain successful.

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