Passive Learning And Active Learning Essay

Passive Learning And Active Learning Essay

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Passive learning was once the go to mode of teaching students in university and college, but the method has been changing over the years to have students become more involved using active learning, as it has been found that students perform better when actively involves in their studies (Shimanzoe & Aldrich, 2010). Similarly, Wasley (2006) argues that, students that are exposed to group work while learning, and are involved in educational activities outside the classroom, earn better grades and feel more satisfied with their education. Learning theories explain that when students spend time discussing, investigating, and applying new concepts, they acquire long-lasting knowledge about the new material. This type of environment helps students to learn more effectively, as opposed to a passive learning environment (Doyle, 2008). Employers also prefer college graduates who are able to easily work in groups and have developed suitable teamwork skills (Taylor & Cranton, 2012). This paper explains the author’s experience in a class group, provides an overview of the purpose of the group and its composition, and further discusses observations made in relation to group dynamics such as group formation and structure, as well as group leadership.

Group Formation and Structure
This section will explore three dimensions in order to explain the dynamics of group formation and structure in the Pink Freud group: Norm development, group development, and group communication networks.
Group four, which went by the name ‘Pink Freud’, consisted of seven members, majoring in different nearly identical subjects. Member A (Director Fury) is a 22-year-old Hispanic male, majoring in kinesiology, member B (Agent Coulson) is a 21-year-old caucasian femal...

... middle of paper ...

...n becomes visible. Members begin to form suggestions of accomplishing tasks and goals. Pink Freud established competence by dividing tasks and setting guidelines on how questions were to be answered.
Group communication networks
Communication is the process by which people convey meaning to each other. It entails encoding a person’s perception, and feelings into language, transmission and decoding of the transmissions. In groups, communication is important because it enhances interaction amongst group members. Communication in a group can be verbal, non-verbal, and written, and it can also be synchronous or asynchronous. The latter involves communication through online platforms, while the former involves real life situations (Makitalo-Siegl, 2008). Pink Freud used synchronous communication in group meetings, however the major form of communication was asynchronous.

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