Essay on The Passionate Of The Teacher

Essay on The Passionate Of The Teacher

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The Passionate of the Teacher
I’m guessing my title has you judging me for making a parody of the movie, The Passion of the Christ, which is totally acceptable. During my teacher interview, Mrs. Sell kept hammering the idea of being a passionate and enthusiastic teacher. She uttered passionate and enthusiastic numerous times throughout the interview and that was the one of the biggest takeaways. Yes, I interviewed my mother and it was really interesting to hear and understand the jargon my mom was using. I never really had a heart to heart conversation about her views on the educational system and it made me realize that I am really fortunate to have a mother that knows of ins-and-outs of education. I can turn to her whenever I’m in the need for guidance, a lesson plan, and even to vent a little bit. My interview revolved around two major issues: state mandated policies and the relationship with students. My interview with my mother taught me why it is important to relate with students and how to function with the standardization of schools.
Mrs. Sell has been a teacher for twenty years and she even taught a year or two in Germany. My mom has one of those old people certifications and can teach K-8. She is currently teaching sixth grade language arts but her previous seventeen years of teaching, she taught social studies. She is no longer teaching social studies due to some budget cuts in her district. My content area is history and I actually want to teach in a middle school and she is main the reason why I love history and oddly enough middle schoolers. I would consider my mother to be a trustworthy source because she does have a master’s degree in education. Also, I had her back in sixth grade and everything she stated in the...

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...per and I think about it a lot. The wise Mrs. Sell said one way to overcome this fear is to realize why you became a teacher in the first place, and that is hopefully change to lives. That is why I’m so excited to eventually work with kids, I love being a role model.
The interview didn’t make me want to change majors but instead it made me come to the consciousness that teaching involves more of the heart then I expected. I really enjoyed the interview with my mom because she is someone reliable to help me with my career choice and I am thankful for her. She is one of my biggest inspirations and I look forward to talking to her again about the current state of education. I hope will got more knowledgeable in this field so I contribute more to the conversation. Teachers need to be more like Christ, a figure who goes without judgment and someone who represents safety.

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