Essay on The Passing on of Knowledge to Future Generations

Essay on The Passing on of Knowledge to Future Generations

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From the dawn of time, education has been in existence in one form or another. Societies knew early on that to survive knowledge and experiences must be passed on to future generations. By passing on this knowledge people could take what others learned then build upon it. One such example is of the man that invented the wheel. He probably never imagined that his idea would later become the means to assist man to soar high in the sky with the fowls of the air. This miraculous feat might never have happened if he had not shared what he knew with others.
Over time, the passing of knowledge became more organized and societies developed what is known today as the school. In the school, people of all ages are able to learn from the experiences of others. Today, America’s system has been neglected to a point that students of other nations are testing higher academically than that of American students (Duncan, 2010). Because of this, many government officials, school reformers, and concerned citizens are faced with the challenge of finding a solution. However daunting and intimidating this may be, we must remember that this is not the first time that America has faced a need for change in the school. History is full of such events calling for changes to be made; unfortunately many of these changes were never fully implemented into the school system. Therefore, by studying the past we can build upon and complete the changes started. Unleashing the full potential of the American public school, giving each student a chance to be their greatest, regardless of who they are, and/or where they came from.
The Revolutionary war is a significant example of an event that affected the American schools. Noah Webster, a teacher from Connecticut, wa...

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...hat was started by the early developers. That is to say we provide all schools with high quality material, hire well qualified teachers, and not let the location of schools determine what they may or may not receive. We are a nation that promotes equality for all mankind and it is now time to bring that equality to the school system and provide the opportunity for every student to be their greatest.

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