The Passage Of Scriptures By Thomas Hale Essay

The Passage Of Scriptures By Thomas Hale Essay

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willing to restore and revive those that have lost their life to the secular world. God control all matters of life. It is the individual choice to made over by God. God is willing to shape, mold, and fill those purposing to surrender their all before Him. God is to be worship, praise, and glorified within a person’s bodies. Therefore, the role of preaching in ministry begins with self-examination and accountability to rightly divide the word of truth before God, not pleasing man, (2 Tim. 4:1-5, ESV). The passage of Scriptures is clearly emphasizing the charges to Timothy as well as other church leaders. The author, Thomas Hale write, “Paul gave five charges, preach the word, that is the gospel Jesus Christ, be prepared at all times, remain on duty; correct, rebuke and encourage.” Hale continues to write, “Timothy must preach the Gospel diligently, because the time will come when men will not accept the truth. People will listen only to what is interest to them at the moment.” The preaching of God’s word is to help people not to wander from the truth. For this reason, the leadership of the church must be concern about the welfare of each individual life in the context of ministry. The context of ministry in the role of preaching covers areas such as: the hierarchy needs, wholeness, to bear sometimes the heavy burdens of the community’s traditions; to note the presence of inequality, division, diversity, create the condition necessary for consensus; to foster a climate where reconciliation can occur; and to judge the potentially demonic aspects of our “togetherness.” Furthermore, the role of preaching can allow a spirit of transparence, because Jesus Christ died for all who have sinned. As result, a person can become humble and us...

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...nistry which, in turn, serves as a theological exposition of God’s nature and purpose.

As a servant of God, a person should always lean and depend on God’s timing and direction, (Matt. 6:33, ESV). The Psalmist David sought the Lord before going into any battles. Moses was instructed to follow the commands of God in leading the Israelites to the Promised Land. God favored Noah as the one to build an ark in preparation for the flood. God was there with Joseph after being sold into slavery and later allowed Joseph to revealed his identity. The list could go on and on concerning God’s direction and timing in the OT and NT, but the overall lesson is to preached God’s word truthfully, (2 Tim. 2:17, 3: 16-17, EVS). In the end, God will reward those who served faithfully as His servant. There is nothing like opening and closing a sermon with songs of praise and worship.

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