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The first text book link up for discussion is Party Leadership in Congress (Ch. 11), specifically in the House of Representative. The article is talking about how Ryan is going to be the new Speaker of the House and is taking the speakership for Boehner who is resigning. The Speaker, which is determined by the constitution, is president over the House of Representatives and is elected by other members of congress. There is currently a republican majority in congress and so therefore the Speaker is going to be from the Republican Party. Ryan was able to win the speakership with support from the Freedom caucus, which is made up of about 40 GOP “hard-liners”. Ironically enough this very same group are the ones who pushed for Boehner’s resignation ad who blocked House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy from becoming Speaker.
Now that Ryan is the Speaker he pretty much controls the flow of the House. The speaker is able to appoint the chairperson for each committee and is most likely to appoint someone from his party. He can also decide when bill will come to the floor and once they do he has the right to speak first on the matter. Ryan, as speaker, determines who gets recognize during House debates on legislation. He is now even third in line for the presidency if something was to happen to the President tan Vice president. However even with all this powers he cannot control the way the members of the House will vote on legislation. He also needs to be careful about how he uses his position because the Freedom Caucus do the same thing to him as they did to Boehner since the Speaker is an elected position.
The next textbook link to discuss is Party Caucus (Ch. 11). The particular caucus that plays a role in this article is the Freed...

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...r countries. The idea is that by the government increase on spending it will cause the economy to get better. There are two sides to how the money would be used Demand-Side Policy or Supply-Side Policy (Ch. 15) both are meant to increase they.
The way in which they are planning on offsetting this spending increase is by cuts from programs such as Medicare and Social Security disability benefits; also by selling of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. This could turn out to be very negative considering the programs that are being effected. Medicare is a program that was enacted in 1965 and it is provide to medical assistance to retirees. The reason why applying cuts to this program is because senior citizens vote, and do so in very high percentage. If there is a great deal of negative effects from these cuts they may end up vote in this next election accordingly

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