Partnership Principles Of Community Campus Partnership Essay

Partnership Principles Of Community Campus Partnership Essay

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Establishing a relationship and genuine understanding of the environment is essential and fundamental for every stakeholder within a partnership. Although a partnership may have a long history, newly acquired stakeholders must still work their way in to understanding the unique dynamics of the partnership as well as building trust and rapport. One of the guiding partnership principles of Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (2015) focuses on how the relationship between partners must include mutual respect, genuineness, and commitment. This principle served as a central theme for two new additions to the Sport Hartford and Carson School Partnership. Additionally, the initial phase of new stakeholders (student-researchers) entering in to the partnership necessitated an additional CCPH (2015) principle be applied. This supplementary principle emphasizes the partners building upon identified strengths and assets while working to address the needs and capacity of all partners.
The study’s first phased called for the researchers to question how a partner involved in a community-campus partnership can explore and identify strengths and weaknesses within a school undergoing turn-around. Under that premise, two newly involved members of the partnership entered the setting to immerse themselves in the climate and culture. In doing so, they would have a better understanding and awareness of the needs of the students and teachers of Carson.

Based on the two CCPH (2015) principles previously mentioned, Sport Hartford’s leaders understood that every community or school situation is unique and one blanket intervention or diagnostic will not suffice. Two new doctoral students joined Sport Hartford’s as researchers and practitione...

... middle of paper ... knit team to combat the behavioral issues with many of their students. This was especially true for the 6-8 grade teams of teachers, which coincidentally had the most issues with student behavior problems within the school.
Understanding the disconnectedness that occurred between the students and teachers, teachers amongst one another, and teachers and administrators, was key to being able to identify areas that Sport Hartford could help alleviate and improve the culture and climate of Carson. Consistency, communication, relevancy, and relationships were all components that seemed to be missing from the current Carson School culture and climate. With anything that Sport Hartford and the student-researchers would implement moving forward, those components would be vital to the success of structuring an intervention that would prove beneficial to the partnership.

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