The Partition Of India And Pakistan Essay

The Partition Of India And Pakistan Essay

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“Leave India to God. If that is too much, then leave her to anarchy,” Gandhi proclaimed in May of 1942 (“1942- Quit India Movement”). The partition of India is not only a part of history of the Asian continent, but a warning bell in world history. According to the novel, “Looking Through Glass,” preceding the partition, India was under British rule, which was established in eastern India during the mid-eighteenth century in order to gain control over the substantial economic advantages. Organization and programs were established during this period to enhance the political, cultural, social, and religious interests of both Indian Muslims and Hindus: these took the form of the nationalist bodies of the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League. With the passing of the Indian Independence Act in 1947, Pakistan was given a new life to the new Islamic Republic. Territorial issues caused by the concept of the Two Nation Theory spurred wars and continuing conflict between India and Pakistan. Since the two countries have split, the countries have taken upon themselves dominating Religious titles: Pakistan was to represent the Islamic Country, whereas, India was to represent a Hindu one (Kesavan). It has been sixty eight years since Pakistan was separated from India, but there are still questions on whether the partition of India was worthwhile or not. Many Hindus and Muslims lost their homes and money, and the partition has set a precedent for nations such as Israel and affects us in many ways today.
In British India, the authority of the Crown was direct. It had been implemented through the usage of the British Parliament. The novel by Mukul Kesavan demonstrated that the British had two main intentions: a territorial standstill and ...

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...etween India and Pakistan. The creation of Pakistan also led to the horrific war between the two parts of Pakistan, West Pakistan and East Pakistan in 1971, and the creation of Bangladesh.
The creation of Pakistan should not have happened because the separation of India did not do any good but took away millions of civilians’ lives and created discrimination between Hindus and Muslims. Throughout various forms of conditioning placed on the two major communities; Muslims, and Hindus, individuals became outsourced from their own country in time. The social stigma attached as to who was a Muslim and was also becoming an extreme drive for these social groups. Specifically, there were various factors that would attain negative consequences in the end. Among these factors included the Two Nation Theory, which would be the instigating factor as to who ought to live where.

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