Essay Participation, Facilitation and Power

Essay Participation, Facilitation and Power

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Model for everyday/everynight
An everyday approach to participation is a concept that identifies the involvement of the person. The assessment and care plans are discussed with the people they are written about but are not always written with. Often the assessment and care plans rely on the input of medical or relatives to complete areas choice. It can be argued, how this could be possible to determine when the person with dementia is not asked to contribute. This experience of non-inclusive decision making describes the participation of another person, a proxy-respondent and not the respondent person’s viewpoint (Tyrrell,2008). To embrace a model of everyday participation it is necessary to develop an alternative way of gathering the information. A functional model needs to be easy to work with and able to focus on different levels for people, staff member or person. The SCIE (2008) model of everyday participation was designed to help organisations to embrace an everyday participatory approach in contrast to a supplementary approach to decision making. The SCIE position paper considered the model as used by four groups of people these are described by SCIE as people that are ‘seldom heard’. The aim of the paper was to consider the current characteristics of participation and identify the organisational tensions and barriers. This model determined by SCIE (2008) would function differently in practise, as each person with dementia, the staff member and the service provider are unique. In order to consider integration of everyday/everynight decision making into our care planning process our current system was evaluated for participatory practises. These care plans are based on a fundamental nursing model method of assessing needs...

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