Part Three : Amazed By Sadness Essay

Part Three : Amazed By Sadness Essay

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The third part of this book is the essential element of this form and function argument. It is entitled “Part Three: Amazed by Sadness”. This section of the novel explores the facts and takes a more serious and analytical tone about the incident. For example, one section within this part of the novel is entitled “About the Facts”. Vasily Nesterenko, the former director of the Institute for Nuclear Energy at the Belarussian Academy of Science tells about his reaction to the incident, and he includes more facts than we have seen thus far in the novel. He talks about how he tried to call the the First secretary of the Central Committee, but no one would listen to him. Desperately, he insisted that no one should be within 100 kilometers of Chernobyl, but his findings are belittled and pushed away. After careful measurements, Nesterenko realized that there was more than 350 times the radiation in Chernobyl than there had been in Hiroshima (Alexeivich 208). The rest of his passage explains why no one knew what was actually happening: the government did not want to cause a panic. Not to men...

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