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The Park Slope School, Ps.282 is located in Park Slope Brooklyn. Ps.282 is a Kindergarten to eighth grade school full of diversity. The school’s staff was pleased to assist me with any of my needs. Although finding the right time to schedule an interview with the parent coordinator and guidance counselor was difficult, both parent coordinator and guidance counselor were more than willing to dedicate their time to focus on the interview.
Ps.282 attempts to engage parent’s involvement in school using different methods. The school sends information home with the students for their parents. The same information that the students receive is posted on different bulletin boards around the school. There is a monthly Coffee Klatch with the principal that involves parents gathering with the principal to discuss issues or concerns over coffee. There is a monthly open school morning that the PTO has in the auditorium for parents to come by and be informed about what is going on in the school. Various programs and grades offer workshops and meeting. Every Tuesday from 2:40pm- 4pm the school has that time frame allotted for parent engagement. Parents do not have to wait to meet with teacher on the two designated parents teachers conference. Each Tuesday, the parents can come in and meet with any of their child’s teachers without an appointment. The parents can discuss any concerns or issues regarding with their child’s academics or behaviors performance. Also, the school engages parents by using an electronic system called N-grade. N-grade is a parent portal where parents login and look at their child’s assignments. The portal shows their child’s assignment grades, missing assignments and assignments they can make up to earn back their grades....

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...mmunity members feels welcome in Ps.282. One way Ps.282 can improve engagement is to have more bilingual staff involved in the PTO meeting and events. There are parents who are not fluent in English. As a result, these parents may feel confused and frustrated by trying to understand what is going on in the school. Bilingual staff is able to encourage bilingual parents to become more involved and be represented in the school. Also, the school can benefit from utilizing another after school program for the middle school population. Ps.282 has one after school program strictly for the middle school students. The middle school students need to have options in different programs they can attend. The more options students have, the more students are involved in school and less on the street. Overall, Ps.282 continues to engage parents, community members and students daily.

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