Parents Who Will Not Die For Their Kids Essay

Parents Who Will Not Die For Their Kids Essay

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There are parents who will not die for their kids. It’s shocking when some parents say that they would not sacrifice their life for their kids when it comes to that situation according to “Dads: Would You Take a Bullet for Your Kids?”, “Most dads I know would give their own life to save the life of their child. This sentiment was recently reiterated by a dad I met during a coaching session. He confidently told me, “I’d take a bullet for my child.” As dads, we rise to the occasion, right? We were made to protect and provide. My response to the dad I was coaching: “Taking a bullet for your child? That’s easy!”’ (Hayenga). As many parents would say, they would risk their own lives for the well-being of their kid’s life. Many people are very hesitant when facing two difficult choices. Similarly to the film where many characters were hesitant before making a large sacrificial decision, people have to weigh in the costs and benefits of each decision before taking action during the times of hesitance. In the book Brave New World and the film Sunshine, one showed the sacrifices made by the individual in order to strive for a better future ultimately fail and lead the group to its demise compared to where sacrifices help achieve for the better.
In Brave New World, the society sacrificed certain things in order to be happy, “God isn’t compatible with machinery and scientific medicine and universal happiness. You must make your choice” (Huxley 281). In this instance, Mustapha said that the World State gave up on God and religion. Instead, the leader of the society chose to use modern science and machinery as a substitute for God and religion as happiness, “We haven’t any use for old things here” (Huxley 262). In this statement, Mustapha emp...

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...elected individuals who thinks that this way is the best way for the world to function. In Sunshine, the few selected individuals who decided to veer off course made a terrible decision that basically ended everyone 's lives. These sacrifices could have been prevented and people could still have the freedom and people may still be alive and treated fairly if a few selected individuals did not sacrifice the important aspects of life. Relationships, family, religion, literature, and arts are among some of the most important and essential parts of life. Similarly to the parent’s situation above, the parents who are willing to sacrifice themselves portrays the characteristics shown in Sunshine, where they are selfless and think of others. Without these important factors of life, the humanity and life will be corrupt and ceased to exist similarly to how Brave New World is.

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