Parent's Request for their Child not to Sleep at an Early Childhood Setting

Parent's Request for their Child not to Sleep at an Early Childhood Setting

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The scenario we are debating is a parent's request for their child not to sleep at an early childhood setting and what issues are created when a parent makes this request. How does this affect the educators, the child and other children? There are many cultural variations and theories to consider concerning children’s sleep from the age of the child, to sleeping routines, where the child sleeps and from a safety point of view.

At three months of age, it is recommended that babies sleep in their own room. If the infant is still sleeping in their parent’s room at six months they may become dependent on the arrangement and would make it more difficult in future endeavors to change this prearrangement. In most cultures, children have a bedtime ritual or routine before they go to sleep e.g. Brushing their teeth, praying, a story, a lullaby or goodnight cuddles.
Cultural values within different societies are based on collectivism and individualism. In industrial western society like North America, parent’s impose individualism to instill early independence and in non-industrial societies like Southeastern Mexico, parents believe collectivism builds the bond between them and their child and helps their child learn the ways of the people around them (Morelli, cited in Berk 2012, p.173).

Cosleeping is a popular variant amongst 90% of the world. Parent – infant cosleeping is typical throughout diverse cultures. The baby lies next to their parent from infancy to early childhood and many continue to do so until adolescence with the parent or family member (Takahash, cited in Berk 2012, p. 173). Over the past two decades cosleeping has increased in western society. Cosleeping is believed to help infants sleep better, it is more convenien...

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