Parents Face While Growing Raising Teenagers Essay

Parents Face While Growing Raising Teenagers Essay

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When children grow, they suddenly go through the teenage phase. Once the children get to that phase, the parents start to realize that their teenagers who were once children start to communicate less with them. For a parent to communicate with their teenage, it takes a lot of work for the parent to communicate with the teenager. For instance, teenagers tend to focus on more their phone than focusing on whoever is trying to communicate with them. Parents and teenagers communicate with each other to have a strong bond with each other so they can trust each other and be honest. Often times that can be difficult for the parent, because they seem that the teenager doesn’t trust them, or also because of the communication levels are so low because of the technology that advances in our everyday lives. However there are many differences and similarities between the two humans.
The problems parents face while growing raising teenagers are talking about what goes on in the teenager life, for instance since teenagers are getting older they start to have more responsibilities in their hands. Giving the teenager a curfew so they would have to come home by certain before eleven o’clock, Making sure that the teenager is completing all their assignments for school, and making sure that they are making smart decisions when they reach the age thirteen. Sometimes communicating with the teenager can sometimes be a problem. As stated in the article “ From curfews and homework to tattoos and drugs, these two teens from New York can help parents from anywhere learn to talk with their kids without threatening, prying, or becoming hysterical; keeping communication open and honest isn’t possible”( Beck 1). Overall it is best for the parent to stay hone...

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In conclusion, Parents and teenagers seek to have healthy communication skills. Teenagers expressed that their parents will not understand on what is going through their minds and what is going on through their lives; they think that their parents are too old to understand. Parents are communicating with their teenager because they are probably working extra shifts at their jobs, stressed out, or do not know how to talk to their teenager about certain situations. However, both the parents and the teenagers want to develop a strong bond, by doing that the communication plays a big role in that relationship. Communication and technology go hand in hand, teenagers use technology in their everyday lives; they use it to communicate with their peers, moreover it is more difficult for the parent to be up to date with the technology advancing in our everyday lives.

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