Essay on Parents Concern on Internet Addication

Essay on Parents Concern on Internet Addication

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Think about those days when you was younger that you particular enjoy doing every single time of your life. For some people it would be watching TV, playing with toys, playing on game systems, or being on the computer. For my case, it is being on the computer. I enjoy being on the computer since it came into my life that allow myself to surfing the web and finding interesting things that I find attracted to. I mostly am on the computer when I come home from school and would be glued on the screen until I have to get off. Problems occur throughout the years as I get older such as; insomnia, depression, stressed, dry eyes, strained vision, back aches, headaches and noticeable weight gain or weight loss. Due to the health problems, there should have a limit on the internet access at home.

Although internet are very beneficial to us as a whole, but it is something that we have be careful about. We can do anything on the internet just by searching up what you are looking for on a search engine like, and The searches are limitless because there are thousands and thousands on the internet that are waiting for you to explore and experiences. It could be things like looking up a food recipes, jobs, apartments, homes for sales, News, Sports information, and others things that can searched up based on your preferences. There are times when we spend too much time on the internet that we got side tract or lost track of time of what we were going to do. As time progress spending more time on the internet, you just felt like you can’t get off the internet on your smartphones, computer, laptop, or tablets. This is where the problem occurs that we can’t get our eyes away from the screen, or allowing ourselves to log off fr...

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...t one is the one it has help me get away from being on the internet 24/7 of the time by spending more times with my families and friends. I try to get more involve with my youth club at church and get to know the people better that I have known since I was little. I have a better connection with my family members that I live with and allow us to understand each other a bit more and cherish our time together.

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