Parents and Private Tutoring Essay

Parents and Private Tutoring Essay

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Parents view private tuition as a worthy investment for primary school students, as they recognize the importance of academic excellence, which is required to gain acceptance into top education institutions.

Private tutoring is considered a daily routine for majority of the students in Singapore, as studies have shown that 67% of Singaporeans have had enrolled their children for private tuition.(Blackbox, 2012) As such, Singapore has become well known for their kids who are always spending most of their time studying. Parents willingly fork out a lot just to ensure that their children receive supplementary lessons apart from the education that are taught in schools. They reasoned out that it will not only allow the students to keep up and understand with what is being taught in school, but also outperform their peers and also doing well academically.
There are of course adverse effects not only to the students but to society as well. For instance, the students will grow to become independent on others as they are constantly being spoon fed with answers to solve their problems. Tutors are readily available for them to go to and clarify whenever they are in doubt. Students will become over dependent as they are assured that everything is provided for. As such, they have a hard time fitting into the society as well as getting themselves hired.
Employers have rejected many candidates who are more than qualified academically but are lacking soft skills (Saint Louis Community College, 2013). They noticed that such candidates lack the ability to communicate and think creatively in order to solve the problems that are existent in their line of work. Interviewees are unable to portray interpersonal skills and do not apply what has ...

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...g a short attention span both in school and tuition. It will diminish the desire to seek knowledge and will study for the sake of acing their examination papers. Often, many students are unable to cope with the workload given by their teachers and tutors, and are unable to complete the work given to them. Overall, it will result in declining academic performance instead of doing well academically.
There will be no improvement in the education industry and development of students should the trend continue. Parents are to take note that tuition is not necessary for their children in order for them to do well in their examinations. Instead of paying more for tuition, other aspects of the children can be further developed instead of concentrating on just academic performance. A balance of both soft skills and hard skills are evident in the success of an individual.

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