Parenting Under the Influence of Technology Essay

Parenting Under the Influence of Technology Essay

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In 2013, an estimated 91% of adults in America owned some form of mobile phone, of which 58% were Smartphone owners (Smith). Unlike their predecessor, Smartphones are not limited simply to voice based communication. They are instead a wealth of limitless information and entertainment, all available at one’s fingertips. Smartphones have undoubtedly become an accepted, and for many, integral part of everyday life in America. Among these Smartphone users a large portion are also the parents of young children. However, even with the enormous responsibilities that come along with parenting, there is seemingly no reduction in the number of daily hours spent by parents on their Smartphones texting, emailing or browsing online (Smith). While the features of the Smartphone are extremely convenient, they are also a source of distraction, which is leading to more than just rude behavior. Many modern day parents share the belief that they are capable of multitasking, using their Smartphone and still providing ample care for their children. In reality, this excessive Smartphone usage is encouraging disengaged parenting. The distraction created by Smartphones is increasing the risk of injuries sustained by children. Additionally, because the time once spent by parents connecting with their children is now spent connected to their Smartphone, children may suffer lower social and cognitive development, as well as potentially irreparable emotional damage.
Primarily due to the introduction and improvement of child proofing devices, from the early 1970’s until 2007, the amount of non-fatal injuries to children reflected declining and stabilizing numbers. However since 2007, this number has significantly increased, rising by 14% (CDC). To date, no ...

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