Parenting Styles : Different Styles That Form And The Outcomes They Bring Us

Parenting Styles : Different Styles That Form And The Outcomes They Bring Us

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Parenting Styles
Numerous studies that have taken place on parenting have brought us the different styles that form and the outcomes they bring us. With parenting comes forms of punishment, affection, attachments, along with the growth and outcome of the child. Parents tend to take one of the three following styles of parenting; Authoritarian, Authoritative, and permissive. Each of these styles take a different view point on ways of raising their children. They range in too hard to too soft. Some parents spank and some parents reason with their children, these are examples of the wide range of strict to relaxed parenting. (Rathus pg. 138) Parenting begins when a fetus is formed in the mother’s uterus. The most important job that a mother is in charge of during her pregnancy is transferring nutrients to the fetus. The placenta is the part of the female’s body that screens out many of the harmful substances that can be transferred to the fetus which can potentially harm it. Teratogens are agents such as toxins, viruses, and drugs that cam damage the fetus. (Myers pg. 120) In the forty weeks that a mother is carrying the child in her uterus she is helping to form the health of her child in her future. A mother never drinks alone which is why females are advised not to drink alcohol during the pregnancy. Alcohol enters the bloodstream along with the fetus and it depresses the activity in both of their central nervous systems. Drinking alcohol while pregnant puts a child at risk for a heavy alcohol dependence later in life. Even light drinking while pregnant can affect the fetal brain. (Myers. Pg. 120) From this we can concur that a mother is setting up who a child will potentially be in his or her future while in the mother’s uterus. ...

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...ecure attachment in their early childhood the will form a secure, trusting attachment in their romantic relationships. A child who had an insecure attachment will develop an anxious, avoidant attachment in their romantic relationships. (Myers pg. 135)
Numerous studies that have taken place on parenting have brought us the different styles that take place and the outcomes they bring us. With parenting comes forms of punishment, affection, attachments which affects the life and growth and child. Once one becomes a parent they will take one of the three main bases of parenting; Authoritarian, Authoritative, and permissive. The parenting style that is enforced in the child’s will affect who they become later in life. Children will develop work ethics, attitudes, and attachment because of their parents according to the parenting studies that have taken place.

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