Parenting Styles : Children, And Every Child Essay

Parenting Styles : Children, And Every Child Essay

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There are as many parenting styles as there are children, and every child requires a unique approach because every child is a unique individual[4]. However, when the middle ground is removed and one is forced to choose between the two extremes of parenting, a permissive style is more beneficial to a child’s development than an authoritarian style. Children raised by more permissive parents generally tend to grow up to be more creative individuals[2], have a better grasp on the consequences of their actions[1] and maintain better relationships with their parents[2].
Firstly, it is important to draw the line between permissive and hands off parenting. While permissive parents grant their children the permission to do what they wish within the boundaries of reason, a hands off parent leaves a child to do whatever they please without any assistance or management[4]. For example, a 10-year old child of permissive parents asks to go to the park with their friends, the permissive parent would likely say yes. If a child of hands off parents wanted to go to the park, they would go without asking their parents because the parents do not expect to be informed of such things. While the permissive parent is lenient in granting permission, there are outer boundaries to what the child is allowed to do; they are not allowed to go to the park without permission. These outer limits keep the child from acting in ways that endanger their own safety, but leave room for choice and the development of responsible decision making. On the other side of the spectrum is authoritarian parents. They are the ones who put in place strict boundaries on their children, and demand they follow them or incur severe punishment. Complete authoritarian parents believe ...

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Allowing children to make their own boundaries has countless benefits. It teaches them that no one, not even their parents, is always right, that being incorrect isn’t wrong and that making an error isn’t the end of the world. It shows them that their opinions are valued, but also demonstrates that there are limits on what they can do, which is true for both children and adults. Overall, the choice between an overly permissive parenting strategy and an overly strict on has an obvious answer. It makes more sense to allow a child to learn and explore the world when the consequences are low than to force them to as adults, because they must learn that everything they do has real-world consequences at some point. A permissive parenting strategy is more beneficial to a child’s development than an authoritarian one, because it is crucial to give a child choice.

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