Essay Parenting Styles And Their Effects On Children

Essay Parenting Styles And Their Effects On Children

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“Mom! Dad!” said the little boy kicking back sand with his heel as he ran toward the couple sitting on the beach. He had a blue life vest on, and was so excited to show his discovery of a crab to his parents. While not far away another boy floated in the water on his own with nobody near and no life vest on. These observations show the differences in parenting styles, one being more protective while another family let their son wander on their own. These parenting styles all started from the very beginning before the children were even born.
Clothes and toys have the first effect on children. Their sex is stated by American culture by their toys and clothing. For example, when girls are babies they are already wearing outfits with crowns on them and glitter writing stating they are a princess. And I observed in Walmart these topics don’t change and the frilliness of girls’ clothing carries on to the ages of pre-teen. In contrast of the girl section of Walmart being very bright and colorful, the boys section is also very sexist with super hero’s and onesies saying “Chick Magnet”. These have the first effect on kids, because as they get older, they tend to pick out their clothes and have an opinion about what to wear at the same time as they would pick out toys.
Another Walmart observation I made was the form of play and toys they had. Besides the differences sexes on the front of the box, the ages shocked me. I wandered down one of the very first aisles and found it shocking that toddlers have electronics. This showed me how the ages are changing and transforming with technology and being introduced to technology at a very early age. I noticed the age span for the electronics were starting as early as three years old! Before thr...

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...ought the girl might have been younger, so he was more focused on making sure she knew how to swim, since the boy seemed to be able to swim.
The observations made at the beach and Walmart were difficult to be neutral on because I have some opinion based on what children should be playing with and what tools they should be using to develop their motor skills. But at the beach, I felt it was easier to sit back and watch the parents and children playing. I felt as though, I shouldn’t judge the parenting styles because I remember when I was younger and how my mom’s parenting looked different from an outsider’s perspective. Also since I was raised around a mixed culture of people, I think you shouldn’t judge until you fully understand the situation. I found the observations interesting though and helped me see how children’s life styles have evolved since I was younger.

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