Parenting Style Of Parenting Styles Essay

Parenting Style Of Parenting Styles Essay

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Of the parenting styles that were described in class, the style of parenting that my mother used was authoritative parenting. According to the texbook, Life-Span Human Development, by Carol Sigelman, on page 490, "authoritative parents are more felxible; they are demanding and exert control, but they are also accepting and responsive." My dad tended to have a more permissive parenting style. Referring back to the texbook, Life-Span Human Development, by Carol Sigelman, on page 490, "permissive parenting is high in acceptance-responsiveness but low in demandingness-control." Since my mother was more strict on the rules and enforced them, my dad was kind of seen as the cool parent for the reason that he had relatively few demands. As a result of my mother being more authoritative, it allowed my dad to step back and be more of a friend since someone else was doing the punishing. However, my mother did let me do the activities that I wanted. Unfortunately, there was always a consisent set of rules that went with it, for instance, always having a curfew of 11 pm.

The style of parenting t...

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