Parenting Plays A Big Part Of The Development Of Boomerang Kids

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Parenting plays a big part of the development of boomerang kids. Having a young adult who is too dependent on their parents can lead to them coming back till beyond adulthood. In order to avoid these situations, parents should push young adults to be more independent. I believe that boomerang kids have become too dependent on parents and come back whenever they have any issues. In this paper I will cover a few ways to help a young adult be independent, which in turn will lead them to be more successful and help parents when they need to depend on their children. One way parents can help reduce young adults dependability is to teach them how to make rational decisions. Once their kids reach high school is a good time to start doing that. Parents should start by making them have to wake up on their own, get ready for school on their own, and encourage them to join after school activities or sports. That way when they reach college and then adult life they understand how much responsibility they have and learn how to handle it. But if by any chance they cannot get on their feet right away and need to stay with their parents, there are many ways to still help them out without increasing their dependability. An article by Linda Stern advises parents to “Cut a deal. Get all those expectations on the table before the duffel is stashed.” By setting up arrangements and deals parents show that the kids still have a lot of responsibility and that they need to learn to be independent. It is kind of a passive aggressive way to help young adults. But those deals do not have to be permanent, you should compromise as the situation changes. Stern states, “Agree to a rough deadline or goal (a year, say, or completion of grad school), after which th... ... middle of paper ... ...ined that in 2005, an estimated eighteen million young adults, those between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four, were resident in the homes of their parents.” This may not have been caused directly by parents, there are other factors that do cause boomerang kids. But how many of those young adults were never taught how to be more independent? In conclusion a person 's independence is very important, not just for the person themselves, but for the parents too. Having a child who can be responsible and contribute to the family is a great thing. I believe that in achieving independence a person can be a great asset to their family. In helping the child become less dependent on them, the parents invest in their future as well as their own. This will help solve the issues of boomerang kids caused by parents by reducing the amount of children that have to go back home.

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